About Notepad X

Created by NohponeX, nohponex.gr
Notepad X is an alternative open source text editor for Microsoft Windows, with a lot of customization options created to help users managing text documents, featuring tab navigation.

The current version is the Notepad X v2 (Build 5), and its developed with Microsoft C# using the .Net 2.0 framework.
Some of new versions main features are :

  • Better management of the documents, settings and the whole application.
  • Option to create custom plug-ins to expand the application features.
  • Option to modify all the available shortcut keys.
  • Custom translations & tool bars for the application.
  • Custom icons.
  • Syntax highlighting when writing programming languages.
  • Download manager for easily download of customizations.

Notepad X is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Credits of Notepad X

Notepad X uses :