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New Notepad X

After a long long time a new version of Notepad X is being developed.
Details will be posted soon.

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About the next version

I m working on the new version of Notepad X, i hope it will be available at the end of the month.
You can see the list with the updated features at the forum.

Some of the new features are the multiple document editors here you can see how its possible to select one of the currently available editors

Here is the ScintillaNet editor whitch features code hightlighing like the ICsharp text editor

Also many of the problems of the applications fixed and the plugin development made much better
check this post for the mouse gesture plugin experiment.

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Currently under development changes

Version name : 2.1

Most of the changes until now :

  • Now only one instance of the application is running (single instance)
  • TabControlsX component created , allows to reorder tabs by drag and drop tab pages
  • Main window tab control changed to TabControlsX which allows to indicate which tab is that was right clicked and the commands will work properly.
  • Lite version option created which ignores all the custom translation, toolbars,icons plugins at startup and disables some functions to make the application faster
  • redo function fixed
  • Downloads process bar bug fixed when values are >100
  • Downloaded item details update if the item already exists
  • Download manager should check if internet connection is available
  • When checking for updates a colored label appears under the version
  • Menu_Content icons & translation strings added
  • More event codes created for the toolbars
  • Icons tab at Options dialog button icons fixed
  • Default shortcuts button added at Options dialog
  • enum Strings added at Notepad_X.Classes
  • enum Icons added at Notepad_X.Classes
  • app_language variable changed to Static at Main form
  • language method added to return a string, example app_language[Strings.Open] & app_language["Open"]
  • At Notepad X Components added set method with Strings & Icons enum parameters
  • Packages class changed to Public
  • A lot of small and large improvement to the code have been made

last update 23/1

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New version delay

I would like to apologize for the delay of the next version, this long moves to Thessaloniki to study at university. Once I have time available will continue with the application.

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Available translations

As far the new version of Notepad X has the following translations :


To download the translations you can use this page or use the Notepad X Build-in download manager.

I want to say thank you to all the translators for they work, and i will be very happy to seen even more translations.

To create and submit translations you can check this page ,for any question you can use the forum.

Edit : Czech translation added today

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Notepad X Souce Code Repository Available

To learn more check this page
You can browse the source code from here.

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Chinese & Japanese Translation Available

Chinese Translation is available thanks to Benny.Flash. Also few days ago Japanese was submitted.
You can find it at Translations Download Page or at Downloads Dialog inside Notepad x options.

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Italian Translation Available

Giacomo Margarito created the first translation file for the new Notepad X, you can download the file from the Download Manager tab at Options Dialog inside Notepad X or from translations download page. Check the italian translation in action or take a look at our screenshots page. I hope at the near future even more translations will be available.

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Current Status

A Notepad X version 2 is under development including a lot of new futures.
More updates are coming soon.
Check the about page to find out more information about Notepad X.

!Update check some of the version 2 screenshots at our screenshots page

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