Getting Started

Checking for updates

To check for updates you can use the Update tab located at Options dialog , press the update button and see if there is any updated version available.
Alternatively you can check the Download page at this site.

Lite Version

Lite version is a mod of Notepad X , when it’s enabled it will ignore any translations, icons, plugins & toolbars and also disables some functions, to make the application more lightweight. To enable/disable the mode use the Options Dialog located at Tools -> Options. If you disable it you have to choose again any translations, toolbars, plugins and iconpacks.

Build-in Download manager

At options dialog you can find the download manager tab, press the update button to get the latest translations, icons packs, toolbars, highlighters and plugin. Then choose the category you want and select from the list any item you want and download it by pressing the download button. When the download is competed you can enable it and use it.

Single instance

Notepad X by default runs as single instance application that means you can only have one window open and all the documents will open in tabs at the main window.
To turn off the single instance you have to create an empty file named exactly notSingleInstance, without any extension into the same directory with Notepad X.exe application file. To turn it back on just delete the notSingleInstance. Notepad X version 2.1.3 or newer is required.