Change log

Notepad X 2.1.2


  • Toolbars order bug fix at Options dialog
  • Files drag & drop at tab control panel
  • Option to change font and background color
  • Recent files order fixed

Notepad X 2.1.1


  • Close others fixed
  • Download manager bug fixed
  • Various bugs at Download tab at Options Dialog fixed
  • Save files that are read only
  • Problems with Config file permissions fixed (reported by azosimidis)
  • Drag & Drop files to tab panel fixed
  • Toolbars display order fixed
  • Find and Replace functions fixed

Notepad X 2.1.0


  • Now only one instance of the application is running (single instance)
  • TabControlsX component created , allows to reorder tabs by drag and drop tab pages
  • Main window tab control changed to TabControlsX which allows to indicate which tab is that was right clicked and the commands will work properly.
  • Lite version option created which ignores all the custom translation, toolbars,icons plugins at startup and disables some functions to make the application faster
  • redo function fixed
  • Downloads process bar bug fixed when values are >100
  • Downloaded item details update if the item already exists
  • Download manager should check if internet connection is available
  • When checking for updates a colored label appears under the version
  • Menu_Content icons & translation strings added
  • More event codes created for the toolbars
  • Icons tab at Options dialog button icons fixed
  • Default shortcuts button added at Options dialog
  • enum Strings added at Notepad_X.Classes
  • enum Icons added at Notepad_X.Classes
  • app_language variable changed to Static at Main form
  • language method added to return a string, example app_language[Strings.Open] & app_language["Open"]
  • At Notepad X Components added set method with Strings & Icons enum parameters
  • Packages class changed to Public
  • A lot of small and large improvement to the code have been made

Notepad X 2.0.9 Alpha


  • Improvements to Notepad X at Options Dialog and Settings, Language, Download and Tollbar Classes
  • Packages Class added
  • Download Manager now can download icon packs as .pack files and automatically unpack them
  • Parameter removed from Initialize() method at IPlugin Interface

Notepad X 2.0.8 Alpha


  • Toolbar, Plugins add fix when already exists
  • Main menu and toolbars RenderMode changed to ToolStripRenderMode.System
  • Using try{} when reading the extensions to prevent errors
  • Default font changed to Arial , and when the font settings are loaded any error will reset the default font
  • Translations Strings Added : CloseOthers , OpenContainingFolder , NotFound
  • CloseOthers function code created
  • Toolbar control items text fixes

Notepad X 2.0.7 Alpha


  • Options Download Manager fix when file already exists and when add dialog used
  • Button images from custom icons for Options & Favourites dialog
  • Public variables created for Options About and Favourites dialog so the plugins will have access to them
  • Plugins button Add created
  • Icons tab created at Options Dialog and Icons translations string added
  • Word Warp button created at Tools Menu
  • Application icon and main form icon
  • Toolbars images & text fixed, at start up images, text and tooltips are loaded with the other items
  • Update dialog created at Options Dialog
  • Translation strings added : LatestVersion, CurrentVersion, ReleaseNotes, Extensions, WordWarp and Previous
  • Shortcut key list updated
  • Next and Previous menu items created Main Menu tabs
  • Shortcuts to select tab 1 up to 10 created
  • Extensions at Options Dialog , Open and Save dialogs now have filters
  • Some toolbars System| Codes added and Tag| code created
  • Line numbers bug fix

Notepad X 2.0.6 Alpha


  • Auto download ICSharpCode.TextEditor.dll if its missing
  • Options Dialog , Download and Add buttons added to Translations, Toolbars, Plugins and Highlighters
  • Options Dialog Activate Deactivate buttons for Translations, Toolbars removed
  • Spelling correction “Devactivate” to “Deactivate” and “Hightlight” to “Highlight”
  • Show Status Bar option completed.
  • Translations Strings Added : “General” , “ShowStatusBar”
  • Menu_Content and Menu_Context now auto loading their Translations Strings and Images
  • Favourites form created
  • Options Dialog Highlight Tab now working
  • When there is no selected documents some items are disabled
  • Options Dialog some translations string fixed
  • At About,Options and Favourites Dialog icons added
  • Components namespace created and all the custom components move to the new namespace
  • Most of custom components name changed
  • Drag & Drop handlers for documents tab panel and main form fixed